Records and Documents

Recording DD Form 214/215/NGB22

A veterans may record, without fee, the original or a certified copy of his or her Armed Forces Report of Separation at any Department of Natural Resources Recorder's Office.


Obtaining Copies of DD 214/215/NGB22 and Other Personnel Records

At the time of discharge or retiring from active service, you stipulated your home of record. A copy of your DD Form 214/215/NGB22 was sent to that state. The Veterans Affairs Office for your state of record should have a copy. The State of Alaska Veterans Affairs Office has copies of DD Forms 214 from 1985 to present and will maintain the record for 50 years from receipt. If your state can not find the record the National Archives will have a complete copy of your service record.


1 Archives Dr.

St. Louis, Missouri 63138

Obtaining Replacement Awards, Decorations, and Medals

You can request copies of lost awards, decorations, and medals through the National Personnel Records Center. A Standard Form 180 will need to be filled out by the veteran or next of kin.


Obtaining Copies of Death Certificates

The Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics will issue up to four copies of a veterans death certificate free of charge. The death certificates are only available to qualified individuals who include; a representative of the veterans estate, a trustee of a revocable trust of which the veteran was the settler, or a person who needs a copy of the death certificate for the purpose of satisfying an eligibility requirement for a benefit relating to the death of the veteran.


For Deaths that occurred outside the state of Alaska, you must contact that state's Bureau directly.

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