Alaska Territorial Guard

In 2000 Alaska's senior US Senator, Ted Stevens, sponsored a bill ordering the Secretary of Defense to issue Honorable Discharges to all Americans who served in the Alaska Territorial Guard (ATG). The bill was signed into law by President Clinton that August.

Searching Alaska for the Alaska Territorial Guard

In 2000 ATG members were granted US veteran status acknowledging the contribution of the Native Alaskans who bravely served our country during WWII. The ATG Task Force was assembled and has been searching for ATG members in order to provide them with honorable service records, including an honorable discharge.

The task force is committed to finding and assisting these veterans, their families, dependents and survivors in receiving all the benefits and rewards entitled to them. Our goal is to locate 100% of the ATG members, begin correcting the oversight of the past, and allow future generations access to their ancestors' service records.

If you or a family member served in the Alaska Territorial Guard, please apply for ATG status.


Apply for ATG Status



Alaska Territorial Guard Rosters

The ATG Member lists include Name, Drill Location, Rank and Discharge Received. If an application has been submitted, approved and a discharge issued by the U.S. Dept. of Army, there will be a “yes” in the Discharge Received column. This means that the final discharge paperwork is either in our office or has been sent to the ATG member, and/or the person that applied on their behalf.

These lists are a work in progress. They were created from historical documents and can include misspellings, duplications, etc. We are striving to provide the most accurate information as we work through the over 6,400 names on these lists.


Please direct requests for documentation to the Office of Veterans Affairs

We are here to assit you. Feel free to reach out.