Vehicles Licenses, Plates & Privileges

Veteran License Plates

In a measure to honor persons who have served or are serving with United States Armed Forces, the State Legislature has designated several special license plates for veterans, recipients of the Purple Heart Medal, veterans who have been a Prisoner of War (POW), veterans who are survivors of Pearl Harbor, and Gold Star Families. Plates are issued free of charge after proof of service or family loss is validated by the DVM. There is a $30.00 plate fee charged to all other applicants for service veterans plates at the time of initial application for or replacement of veteran's plates and National Guard Plates.


Disabled Veteran Plates

A person who qualifies for 50% disability may apply for one disabled veteran plate that is not subject to Motor Vehicle Registration Taxes or registration fees. Second and subsequent sets of plates are available upon payment of full fees. Plates cannot be requested by mail unless the applicant lives in a remote part of Alaska and does not have access to a DMV office. This plate does not provided the holder special parking privileges.


Disabled Veteran Plates with Parking Privileges

To apply for disabled veteran's license plates with parking privileges, an applicant must submit the following documentation of a mobility impairment and proof of service related disability:

  • An original Application for Disabled Parking Identification, completed in full by both the applicant and their Alaska licensed physician.
  • A certificate from an agency of the United States federal government, including the veteran's administration, stating the person has a service related disability.


Alaska Drivers License

Alaska Drivers License Sample

Veterans are entitled to have their veteran status noted on their Alaska Drivers License or ID Card. Cost is $5 at the Alaska DMV. Proof of honorable discharge is required.

  • Retired Military ID Card
  • DD214/15
  • NGB22 or NGB22A
  • WD AGO 53, 55, 53-55
  • NAVPERS 553
  • NAVMC 78PD
  • NAVCG 553

Drivers License Extensions

Effective in June 1997, Alaska adopted a military extension policy that states that your non-commercial driver's license is valid for 90 days after discharge or return to the State of Alaska, whichever occurs first. Effective January 1st, 2011, the policy was extended to military spouses.


Waiver of Commercial Driving Skills Test

The DMV may waive the commercial motor vehicle driving test for certain drivers with recent military commercial motor vehicle experience.


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