Governor's Advocacy Award

Award Information

The Governor of Alaska’s Veterans Advocacy Award recipient(s) are announced annually on Veterans Day.

Any individual or organization may nominate a person. Nominees must be an Alaskan resident, but need not be a veteran, and must have engaged in unpaid, voluntary veteran’s activities within the State. The nominee should have demonstrated one or more of the following to veterans, veterans’ issues, or veterans’ organizations:

  • A significant service to veterans and their families
  • An extraordinary personal concern, compassion, and commitment
  • Veterans organization activity, positions held, and lengthy service
  • Formation or participation in a new, innovative or creative volunteer program, event, or project


Nomination Must Include:

  • NOMINEE: Name, Occupation, Address, and Phone Number on the top of the narrative summary.
  • NOMINATOR: Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email, Organization, and Signature on the bottom of the narrative.
  • NARRATIVE: Please attach a brief (no more than two-page double spaced) narrative summary of your nominee’s efforts and accomplishments for veterans.

Judging of nominations will be completed by a panel consisting of members of the Alaska Veterans Advisory Council, the Director of Veterans Affairs, and a member of the State veterans’ community selected by the Commissioner of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

Selection Recommendation(s) for the Veterans Advocacy Award will be made to the Governor by the Commissioner of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

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