Endowment Fund

Veterans Memorial Endowment Fund

In 2002 the Alaska State Legislature voted to establish a fund for the maintenance, repair, replacement, and enhancement of, or addition to, veterans' memorials or monuments to the military.  Grants may also be awarded for the development and construction of new veterans' memorials or monuments to the military.

The Captain Donald R. Robinson Veterans Memorial

Captain Donald R. Robinson was a graduate of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.  This memorial is to honor all former students who died in battle.  Robinson was a UAF ROTC graduate who posthumously earned the Distinguished Service Cross for valorous action during the Vietnam War.

Haines Memorial Park

Created to recognize veterans in the area for their valuable service.  The park will be adjacent to the Soboleff-McRae Veterans Village currently under construction.

Monterey Lake Memorial Park

Grant issued for maintenance and expansion of the existing Monterey Lake Memorial Park at Fort Wainwright.

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